Hi. We're Kudos Interactive.

A product development & digital marketing company with
more than 12,000 happy customers across 23 countries.

See What We Do...

We Design & Build Awesome Products.

Stuff that helps you increase conversions, sales & get more customers.

Mobile Apps

We build apps for iOS and the Android platform. Most of our apps are self launched but we do take on clients from time to time. Need a cool app? Talk to us and we'll help!

WordPress Plugins

Over a third of the world's websites run on the WordPress platform. We create products that help make your WordPress site fast, secure & powerful by adding better functionalities to it.

Software Products

Windows & Mac are the most loved OSes around the world and we build software products for end users that make their life easier, everyday. No doubt they love and appreciate us.

Awesome Products = Happy Customers.

No doubt we have over 12,000 customers and there's only
one reason many of them are repeat buyers, coz we're good!

Domain Wolf

This is a web based domain finder software that helps you find available domains using a combination of words. Its very useful for finding the best available domain for a local market or a niche.

Social Rockstar

A turnkey business website that can be setup in less than 2 minutes and accepts paypal. Enables you to sell social media services & digital products online.

WhatsMyRank Video

This awesome wordpress plugin tracks your video rankings across Google & Youtube, automatically tracking it each and every day while sending you daily reports and ranking alerts. More than 1400 customers love it.

Our Clients Love Us - Why?

Because We Help Them Make More Money!

We drive more traffic, get more sales, optimize your website/pages, sales flow and improve conversions
so you spend less on your marketing and get the most out of it.

Paid Traffic

Want to sky rocket your sales? Then leverage the power of paid advertising & the world will be your playground. We'll help you find out your customer acquisition cost & build you a sales machine. Its not just Google Adwords, the game is a lot bigger than that & we can help you hit it out of the park.

Email Marketing

Email has the highest ROI when it comes to online marketing. If you're not building a list of prospects and communicating with customers, you're losing out. We help you make the most out of your customer base & get you new leads/customers that will buy again & again from you.

Social Media Marketing

This is a lot more than getting LIKES on Facebook. Very few companies really know how to to acquire customers via Social Media and create a following. Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Youtube - its all about mixin' it up. Talk to us and we'll help you.

We're old school, so just...

Email us at : ankur [AT] kudosinteractive.com